Chromebook Expectations

  • Bring charged Chromebook every day to every class.
  • Charge Chromebook every night. 
  • Bring earbuds every day to every class.
  • Use your Chromebook for educational purposes only.

Take care of your Chromebook

  • Do not place inside book bag.
  • Keep away from food and drink. (No cafe’ use.)
  • Use the case provided to transport Chromebook.
  • Do not close objects (earbuds, pens, planner) inside the Chromebook.

Chromebook Consequences

When the above expectations are not met, teachers will issue the consequences below. Actions taken by the teacher should be recorded in the student’s Synergy notes for reference.

  • 1st time: Warning to student
  • 2nd time: Phone call home
  • 3rd time: Phone call home and teacher detention
  • 4th time: Referral to office (administrative detention)
  • 5th time: Referral to office (Saturday school)