Dress Code

Dress Code

Independence Middle School provides an educational environment conducive to learning. Students are expected to be dressed for an academic atmosphere of purposeful learning and responsible citizenship.

Clothing which overexposes the body is unacceptable. Undergarments cannot be visible.

  • Shirts must not expose the midriff. Shirts without sleeves must be, at minimum, three fingers width and must not expose the underarms or sides. Shirts must be worn under athletic jerseys.
  • Pants must be secured at the waist. No sagging pants.
  • Ripped jeans must not show skin above mid-thigh.
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be approximately finger-tip length or reach mid-thigh.
  • Leggings and yoga pants may only be worn with shirts, skirts, or dresses that are approximately finger-tip length or reach mid-thigh.

Clothing with words or graphics that would be offensive to others is not permitted.

Students are not permitted to wear hats or wear the hoodies of their sweatshirts on their heads. Headbands and scarfs must be three inches or less in width.

Pajamas, sleepwear, and slippers are prohibited.

Students must wear appropriate and safe footwear at all times.

Headphones/Earbuds can only be used in a classroom as part of instruction.

String bags and purses with two straps (similar to a small book bag) must be placed in a locker upon arrival. Purses carried throughout the day must be the size of an 8 x 11 inch piece of paper or smaller.