Student Activities

General Tryout Information

Tryouts are for all students, in all grade levels.

Tryouts are closed to all spectators, including parents/guardians.

Students must attend tryouts on their designated grade level day(s). If a student has a valid reason for not being able to attend, he/she must see the coach in person and have a note from a parent/guardian.

Students who are returners are not guaranteed to make the team. Everyone must tryout.

Transportation: students may be picked up by a parent/guardian by 5:50 PM or ride the activity bus home at 6:00 PM. Check the Plaza website ( for the activity bus routes. Students will be placed on an activity bus if their parents are not at Plaza at 5:50 PM to pick them up.

Riding the activity bus is a privilege. If students act up in any way, they will no longer be able to ride the activity bus and will therefore forfeit their right to tryout.


Students DO NOT need an athletic physical to tryout.

Tryouts will be for all grade levels on November 14, 15 and 16.  Students need to report to Room 315 each afternoon. 

Students need to bring a charged Chromebook to tryouts each day.

Practices begin November 17 and are held daily.


Boys Tryouts:
6th and 7th grades: November 14
6th and 7th grades: November 15
8th and callbacks 6/7th grades: November 16
8th and callbacks 6/7th grades: November 17

Girls Tryouts:
All Grades: Monday November 14-Tuesday 15

Students MUST have a valid sports physical dated May 1, 2022, or later, on file with Ms. Baylor.

No physical, No tryout, No exception.

Athletic Physical forms are located on the Independence Middle website, on the website, in the main office, and outside of Ms. Baylor’s office. The only physical form accepted is the one marked “Updated May 2021.” 

Students must come prepared daily with: shorts, t-shirt, athletic shoes and water bottle.  Long hair must be pulled back.  No jewelry may be worn.

Inhalers/Epi pen: If the doctor marked on your physical that you use an inhaler/epi pen, etc. you MUST have it for all tryouts/practices. No inhaler/epi pen = NO TRYOUT!

Eligibility Requirements, if selected to join the team: Students must have passed 5 classes and have a 2.0 GPA from the 2nd semester from last school year. Students may not turn 15 before August 1, 2022.

Thank you and good luck at tryouts!

Coach Messenger and Coach Dickason (Academic Challenge)
Coach Washington and Coach McKinley (Boys Basketball) 
Coach Batts and Coach Bacon (Girls Basketball)


Contact Wendy Baylor, Student Activities Coordinator at [email protected]