IMS Traffic Pattern

For the safety of all of our students and community:

Only buses may enter the bus loop.

Green Arrows: Follow the green arrows for the pick up line.

All cars must wait in a single line. No double parking.

After 3:55 PM, only buses and local traffic may travel up Dunstan in front of the school.

Note the designated no parking areas on the far side of Dunstan across from the school.

Green Circle: Students must be picked up in the “PICK UP AREA” where crossing guards are on duty.

Yellow Arrows & Feet: Only officially designated walkers are permitted off campus after buses have departed. Walkers must follow the path marked in red and cross where crossing guards are on duty.

If you have questions, please contact the main office or the school resource officer @757-648-4600.

Picture IMS traffic flow for parent drop off and pickup. No parking, bus, and walker zones identified by colored arrows.