Help Your Student Navigate and Successfully Use Schoology

What is Schoology?

The VBCPS Schoology page for parents has valuable information and an introductory video.

Do parents have Schoology accounts?

Currently parents do not have their own accounts to Schoology. However, this is in the planning process. Ask your student to log in, and let you view their course together. Our students can share their account information with parents for viewing purposes.

How do students find Schoology?

  • Open the Clever Portal, then look for the Schoology logo.
  • When logged into Chrome with school credentials, use the bookmarks.

What is the different between a course and a group?

Every class that a student is enrolled in has a matching Schoology course. Course materials, discussions, and assessments are shared in the course by the teacher.

Groups are places to share information. Student groups, school groups, clubs, and sports are great examples. Look for updates in the center of the page. Almost everything else will be found in the Resources.

How-to Videos Specific Skills 

Connecting Google Drive to Schoology
Submit a Google Drive Assignments in Schoology
Submit a Non-Google Drive Assignment in Schoology
View a List of Overdue or Upcoming Assignments in Schoology

These videos are courtesy of Suzanne Flach, ITS at First Colonial High School

What other support is available to my student?

At the bottom of any Schoology page, your student can find the Support button. This is a VBCPS Schoology Support site created just for our students and staff. There are how to steps and videos. It is searchable.

If your student has questions, there is an email icon on the top menu bar. This allows the student to send a Schoology message to their teacher.

If there is a  technical issue, begin by restarting the device. Secondly, be sure that the password has not expired. Then, clear the history. There is a detailed troubleshooting update in the MIN All Staff & Students group that your student can reference. Hardware issues should be addressed to the TST.