Sports and Competitive Academic Teams

In order to try out for a sports team, students MUST have an athletic physical completed on the “Updated May 2021” Virginia Beach Middle School League athletic physical form.

Athletic Physicals must:

Be completed and signed by the student and parent/guardian (pages 1, 2, and 4)

Be completed, signed, stamped and dated by a doctor on or after May 1, 2021 (page 3)

Be turned in to MS. Baylor, Student Activities Coordinator before the first day of tryouts.

Please note: Recreation physical forms and School Entrance physical forms are NOT accepted.

Spring Tryouts Begin Monday, March 21st

Tryouts will be held from 4:15-5:50pm each day (no tryouts or practices on early release days)

All tryouts are closed to parents/spectators

Important Transportation Information:
Activity Buses leave promptly at 6pm each day. 
Parents wishing to pick up must arrive by 5:50pm.  Park at the side of the building and walk up to the crosswalk to pick up student.
Any student not picked up by 5:55pm must ride the Activity Bus 


PLEASE NOTE: Activity Bus routes are not the same as regular routes and students may have to walk up to a mile to get home.  Drop-off/Pick-up locations are subject to change.

Boys & Girls Track
3/21 - 6th/7th    Grade Boys: Ms. Jones
3/22 - 7th/8th Grade [email protected]
3/23 - 6th/8th Grade
3/24 - Call Backs Girls: Ms. Washington
3/25 - Call Backs [email protected]
All tryout dates will be timed.
Bring: Workout Clothes (no short shorts / jeans)
Running Shoes (no flat bottoms like Vans, no basketball shoes)
Water / Sports Drink

3/21 - All Grades Mr. Sully
3/22 - All Grades [email protected]
3/23 - Call Backs
3/24 - Call Backs
3/25 - Call Backs

Wear a shirt with your last name on the back (can be written in marker neatly.)
Bring: Baseball Gear you already own (Drop off in the Locker Room in the morning. Place it in the storage closet that will be locked all day. Or, store it with one of your teachers.



3/21 - All Grades Ms .Colon

3/22 - All Grades [email protected]
3/23 - Call Backs
3/24 - Call Backs Ms. Pate
3/25 - Call Backs [email protected]

Bring: Workout Clothes
Running Shoes/ Cleats

Bat (optional)

Field Hockey
3/21 - 6th/7th Grade Ms. Lee

3/22 - 7th/8th Grade [email protected]
3/23 - 6th/8th Grade
3/24 - Call Backs
3/25 - Call Backs

Bring: Workout Clothes

Other Gear if you have it: 
Field Hockey Stick
Mouth Guard
Shin Guards

Forensics (no physical needed)
3/21 - All Grades Mrs. Correia

3/23 - All Grades [email protected]
3/24 - Call Backs

Contact Wendy Baylor, Student Activities Coordinator at [email protected] with any questions.
Game information can be found on the Middle School Sports page.

Fall Season

 Football                      Coach Nate Wiles 
 Boys Soccer  Coach James Vigilante
 Girls Soccer  Coach Erick Cespedes
 Cheerleading  Coach Tasha Jones
 One Act Play   Coach Norma Wilson

Winter I Season (11/15 - 1/25)

 Boys Basketball               Coach Justin Washington
 Girls Basketball  Coach Cynthia Batts
 Cheerleading  Coach Tasha Jones
 Academic Challenge  Coach Laura Purvis

Winter II Season (1/24 - 3/26)

 Wrestling                 Coach Kevin Malone
 Volleyball  Coach Bill Reeves

Spring Season (3/21 - 5/20)

 Field Hockey                    Coach Morgan Lee
 Boys Track  Coach Karina Jones
 Girls Track  Coach Janice Washington
 Baseball  Coach Ryan Sully
 Softball  Coach Lourdes Colon
 Forensics  Coach Maryann Correia