School Counseling Office


Do you want to register a child? Make an appointment with the registrar.

Registrar: Kerry Williams
Phone: 757.648.4611
Fax: 757.460.6646

VBCPS Division K-12 Registration Site

Required Registration Documents:

  • Proof of residence/address (lease agreement or mortage statement and gas, water or electric bill)
  • Transfer/withdrawal form or recent report card
  • Certified birth certificate
  • Physical examination report
  • Current immunizations report
  • Social Security card
  • Two emergency contact phone numbers that are current
  • Recent IEP or 504, if applicable

Students Are Assigned Guidance Counselors by Grade Level

Counseling Department Chair Last Names 6th A-D, 7th A-C, 8th A-B: Julie Melendez
Grade 6 School Counselor Last Names E-Z: Stefanie Hall
Grade 7 School Counselor Last Names D-Z: Ashley Green
Grade 8 School Counselor Last Names C-Z: Khara Meer

Dr. Jeanette Gaines, Military and Family Life Counselor
Cell 757-793-6715)
VBCPS Military Outreach Website