Rising 6th Grade Information


IMS Administration
We would like to welcome you to Independence Middle School, a fully accredited and Purple Heart designated school. While at IMS, students work alongside our talented and caring faculty and staff to engage in a rigorous instructional program. In partnership with the community, IMS is committed to offering a wide variety of academic, extra-curricular, and service opportunities. We encourage students to explore the many options offered to them and to make the most of their middle school experience. At IMS we do "Whatever It Takes" to serve our students and to help themselves reach their full potential.

Information about our programs is available on this YouTube Rising 6th Grade Playlist.

Eagle REPS

The Eagle REPS are expectations for ALL EAGLES in all learning environments.

Eagles are Respectful

Respect other people's property.
Treat all school property with care.
help to maintain a clean school.

Eagles are Engaged

Stay on task and focused.
Listen to and follow directions from all staff.
Be prepared and organized.

Eagles are Positive

Be kind and considerate of others in speech and interactions.
Be helpful and kind to others in need.
Be tolerant towards others and use positive statements.

Eagles are Safe

Keep hands, feet, and belongings to yourself.
Follow all school rules.