Student Dress Code


Dress guidelines are designed to promote a standard of appearance that complements the learning environment. Students are expected to dress appropriately for the occasion. Students may not wear extreme or ostentatious apparel to school. In addition to the VBCPS dress code, Independence Middle's dress code includes the following:

 Students must wear appropriate footwear at all times.

Students may not wear lewd or suggestive clothing.

Students may not wear apparel that advertises, glorifies, or symbolizes any illegal substances or substances illegal for use by  a minor.

Students may not wear apparel that overexposes their body. 

Students may not wear jewelry or clothing that might create a safety hazard such as chains and/or spiked bands.

Student may not wear hats or hoods. 

If there is doubt about a particular item of apparel, the student should not wear the item.  If students are asked to correct the attire, they will need to correct the items in question.