Student Dress Code


Guidelines: Independence Middle School provides an educational environment conducive to learning. Students are expected to be dressed for an academic atmosphere of purposeful learning and responsible citizenship. The IMS guidelines will help you to make good choices about what to wear to school so parents don’t need to be called: 

All students are expected to wear dress appropriate to the occasion; extreme or ostentatious apparel or appearance are not permitted. 

All clothing must be worn in an appropriate and tasteful manner, and as it’s designed to be worn. For example, belts must be secured around the waist, shirts/headbands are not to be worn around the neck, shirts with buttons must be buttoned; shoes must be fastened/tied. Clothes may not be worn inside out or backward. 

For health and safety reasons, students must wear appropriate and safe footwear at all times. 

Students are allowed to carry a small bag/purse no larger than the planner. Other personal items must be placed in lockers or left at home. 

Specific Examples: Per VBCPS School Board Policy, dress standards shall be set by the principal. In addition to the regulations in S.B. Policy 5-41/Rule 5 of the VBCPS Student Code of Conduct, the following items ARE NOT PERMITTED to be worn at school: 

Leggings, jeggings, tights, yoga pants, or any other similar garment without a top that is at least fingertip length or longer all the way around. 

Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at an appropriate length that allows for bending without anything showing 

Slippers, flip-flops, shower shoes, and shoes with heels higher than 1.5 inches. 


Shirts with skinny straps.

Pants worn below the waist or showing clothing/underwear beneath the main outerwear.
Clothing which overexposes the body including fishnet shirts, lace, sheer shirts, see-through shirts, halter tops, racerbacks, excessively tight shirts, spaghetti straps, strapless tops, or other apparel that exposes undergarments, the midriff, cleavage, or over exposes the front, sides, or back of the body. 

Sleeveless apparel must not overexpose the torso and must have shoulder straps that are at least an inch wide. 

Headwear or head coverings that are disruptive. Hats, beanies/knit caps, hoods, visors, and bandanas are not allowed. Headwear or head coverings specifically worn for religious or medical purposes are allowed. 

Jewelry or clothing that may create a safety hazard. Wallet chains are not allowed in any form. 

Lewd or suggestive clothing or any apparel that is gang related or that advertises, glorifies, or symbolizes any illegal substances or illegal activities for students. 

Any symbols or slogans on clothing or jewelry that may disrupt the learning environment. 

Dress Code Violations: A staff member who identifies a student in potential violation of the dress code will be sent to a school administrator for a decision. If the student is deemed to be in violation of the dress code, the student will be directed to call his or her parent(s) from the main office phone in an attempt to correct the violation. The student will be denied entrance to class and will report to ISS until the violation is corrected. Violations of the dress code will subject the student to appropriate disciplinary action up to and including suspension from school. 

For minor dress code violations,
1st offense = Verbal Warning
2nd offense = Administrative Detention
3rd offense = Saturday School
4th and repeated offenses = ISS